Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Warren Buffett

Investment consultancy

Our team of Foreign Direct Investment Consultants will advise in the decision process and walk you through acquisition. With their expertise in the Portuguese real-estate market, and  investment know-how, our consultants can offer a bespoke solution that matches your needs.

Our consulting team will assist you throughout your investment's life-cycle and are on-call for any questions you might have. They liaise on your behalf with third parties, thus facilitating the logistics of the investment process.

FDI consultants are also frequently researching the real-estate market, finding future investments that could appeal to both established and future clients. It is their job to recognize and evaluate new market trends, remaining up-to-date on new developments so as to offer you the best possible support.

Property Management

Our Property Management team handles the properties in lieu of our clients, ensuring high yield and proper maintenance. 

It is this department's responsibility to maximize the potential of each home. Market studies are frequently carried out in order to meet this goal. 

Each property is made appealing through an interior design service, created to serve a specific market or to cater to a client’s specific taste.

Our Property Management team will look after every aspect of your home, so that you don't have to.

Construction & Development

Our team of Project Managers takes charge of the renovation work across our catalogue. Composed of architects and engineers, the Construction team is responsible for the development and construction of our projects.

The team researches potential projects, while carefully analyzing the technical details and opportunities for improvement in each new location. The architects fine tune the projects to Spark Capital and its clients’ requisites, and accompanies its progress with the necessary government offices. The Project Managers’ expertise allows them to protect Portugal’s architectural heritage while improving and safeguarding our skyline.

During construction, our engineers and architects meet with contractors, suppliers, archeologists, law enforcement and City Hall, to ensure our projects' prompt and diligent completion, while guaranteeing the high-standards both we and our clients expect.

Legal support

Spark Capital can recommend you to a legal team with the expertise required to handle an array of processes, be it acquisition, rental, applications with government institutions, investments, or many others. They will assist you in navigating and getting acquainted with Portuguese law.

Tax advice

Our team can give you the assistance to better understand and follow through with your fiscal and tax responsibilities with the Portuguese government and its respective authorities.

Residency program

Our projects are eligible for the reduced 280K and 350K Golden Visa Programs. Our team of experts will guide you through your process and guarantee the best fit for your investment.