Pateo do Barão

The Pateo Barão project stands out for its strategic location near neighborhoods like Arroios, Alameda, and Penha de França. Offering exceptional quality of life in the city center, it ensures optimal accessibility to amenities. Residents enjoy the convenience of city life without sacrificing home comfort and tranquility. With 7 Apartments, 13 Villas, a swimming pool, and stunning views, it provides a serene urban retreat.

This project caters to urban enthusiasts craving the vibrant city lifestyle. Whether you seek the independence of a villa or the comfort of one or two-bedroom living for your family, this development delivers both. A place where you can rest by the pool, with an amazing view over the city of Lisbon.

Prices Starting From €300.000!

Gross Area
Floor plan
P040-009 1 Bedroom GF 50 sqm Available
P040-016 Studio GF 43 sqm Sold
P040-011 2 Bedroom 1 85 sqm Available
P040-012 2 Bedroom 1 86 sqm Available
P040-013 2 Bedroom 2 85 sqm Available
P040-014 2 Bedroom 2 86 sqm Available
P040-015 2 Bedroom 3 98 sqm Available
P040-017 Studio GF 28 sqm Sold
P040-007 1 Bedroom Duplex GF 44 sqm Available
P040-002 1 Bedroom Duplex GF 40 sqm Available
P040-003 1 Bedroom Duplex GF 39 sqm Available
P040-004 1 Bedroom Duplex GF 41 sqm Available
P040-008 1 Bedroom Duplex GF 41 sqm Available
P040-018 Studio GF 27 sqm Sold
P040-010 1 Bedroom Duplex GF 46 sqm Sold
P040-005 1 Bedroom Duplex GF 40 sqm Available
P040-006 1 Bedroom Duplex GF 40 sqm Sold
P040-001 1 Bedroom Duplex GF 38 sqm Available
P040-019 1 Bedroom Duplex GF 37 sqm Available
P040-020 2 Bedroom GF 91 sqm Available

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