Grândola III

Grândola III development thrives with its remarkable outdoor spaces: native landscaping providing shade and sun filtration, aromatic and culinary plants adding color and fragrance. Serpentine paths lead to Parks, Lofts, Lodges, the Lounge area, and an over 50 meter pool. Remarkably, all houses in this complex are on the ground floor, guaranteeing each resident an exclusive outdoor space. These features make Grândola III a haven of both vibrant activity and peaceful retreat.

Our lofts offers utmost comfort with a fully equipped kitchen, cozy living and dining areas, a private bathroom, and a mezzanine bedroom for a unique living experience. The tranquil outdoor space features crushed gravel, native shrubs, and enchanting umbrella pines, creating a serene ambiance.

Embracing the region’s rich heritage, we proudly present 24 exquisite single-family lodges. With their stunning two-pitched roofs, these homes become the iconic symbol of this remarkable development. Inside, you’ll find two bedrooms, a private bathroom, a well-equipped kitchen, and a comfortable living room. The highlight of each lodge is the semi-covered outdoor seating area, providing the ideal spot to enjoy the region’s warm, sun-drenched afternoons and pleasant evenings.